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In some situations, a total rug or carpet clean in your house isn't necessarily required. Sometimes people have an accident which left a stain and simply needs a tiny area cleaned up. This is a cost efficient way to improve the look of your rugs without having to pay the full price of a whole carpet cleaning. You can rely on Carpet Cleaning Milton for stain and spot removal. We can complete the task promptly as well as make your rug look brand new in a snap.

  • All our stain removal items are non-toxic and are safe to use
  • Our technique will deodorize the area being cleaned and remove any odours
  • The treatment approach we use will not fade the colours or layout of your rug
  • We have affordable and budget-friendly prices
  • Our solutions are only carried out by certified carpet cleaners

Everybody has had a stain that they can't seem to do away with and knows just how irritating that is. Carpets and upholstery are a common area for stains to take place. When a spot does appear, it's best to employ specialists to care for it. Upholstery is made of fragile materials and needs correct attention to avoid being damaged. Rug Cleaning Milton is a furniture cleaning company you can depend get your irritating stains out every time. We don't cause damage to your furnishings throughout our cleaning process because we take all the cautions necessary while still giving you excellent outcomes.

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carpet cleaning machine - rug deep cleaning services
carpet cleaning machine - rug deep cleaning services

Pet Stain and Odour Removal

It's great to have a pet until they have accidents on your floors. Pet accidents cause visible stains that are difficult to remove from carpets and rugs. Not only do pet accidents cause discolouration, but pet odours build up in your rugs over time due to dander, fur, and dog drool. When it comes to pet stain removal, standard cleaning methods are insufficient to fully clean your rugs.

Contact us right away if your rugs and carpets have been ruined by pet accidents! Pet urine stains can be tough to remove, but with the right tools and cleaning chemicals, any stain can be cleaned. Pet urine rug extraction services are provided by Carpet Cleaning Milton to properly remove pet odours that have become deeply buried in your rug. Our cleaning method is suitable for all types of rugs, including silk, wool, synthetic, and others.

To achieve the greatest results, our cleaning crew begins by eliminating pet odours using a treatment product. The pet rug stains are then treated with additional cleaning chemicals. If you find stains or foul odours in your area rugs, you should schedule an appointment right away. Old stains are more difficult to remove since they have had time to permeate into the fibres of your carpeting.

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Milton's Odour Removal Process

Our staff identifies the stains and odours on your rug before we begin cleaning. We do this to discover the best cleaning approach for the specific stain and odour . Different stains and odour require different cleaning techniques to completely remove them. Pet urine, for example, requires the use of special rug treatments to eliminate the stain and odour. Once the stain has been found, we treat the damaged area with our rug cleaning chemicals. (All of the chemicals we use are safe for pets and children.) After allowing the detergent to soak, we gently rinse the area before thoroughly cleaning and drying your rug. Your area rugs are inspected one last time to ensure that no areas have been missed.

The majority of stains can be removed with our cleaning products and equipment. On rare occasions, however, stains and odours cannot be completely removed. Fresh pet rug stains are easier to remove then stains that have been sitting for a long time. Older stains have had an opportunity to infiltrate deep into the fibres of your carpet. When we encounter a challenging stain, we use more advanced procedures and skilled cleaning products, which makes a significant impact.

Call us today if you are having trouble removing pet odours from your carpets or furniture. We have extremely high-quality equipment and products that are specifically made to remove tenacious scents. Our solutions are safe to use on any sort of material, so you won't have to worry about your belongings being damaged during the cleaning process.

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