How to Remove Water Rings from Wood

How to Remove Water Rings from Wood

Water discolouration on your furnishings are bound to occur. They can appear as easy as when a wet glass is set down on something wooden. When you take it off a while later, you’ll see a ring shaped water stain left in its place. You might have tried some simple techniques to eliminate the stain with little success. This can leave you asking yourself if eliminating these stubborn stains are even possible.

If this seems like you, then you’re in luck! We understand just the approach to remove water stains without harming your furnishings. In this blog, we will clarify how this is possible as well as the actions you’ll need to comply with.

Exactly how do water stains show up?

The majority of water stains are white or light-coloured rings or overcast areas. They are created when wetness is caught within the wood finish on your furniture. Our cleaning techniques listed below should be able to eliminate any water stain. However, if the water discolour is a darker colour, then you will probably need to use a different approach like refinishing your furniture.

Removing water rings with heat

If you caught your water discolour when it just showed up or it’s very tiny, then you can vaporize the trapped water using heat. All that’s required is to lay a cotton cloth over the stain and use a household iron to heat it. Make sure the iron is set to its lowest temperature and also not on steam. If you don’t have an iron, then choose a hair dryer and use it on its highest setting. Point the heat directly at the stain until it disappears. Optional: Use a furniture polish to the area once the discolour is gone to bring back its shine.

Removing water rings with oil

If you have a bigger yet still current stain, one of these techniques below need to remove it:

  1. Mayonnaise and vinegar – as weird as it sounds, this is among the most reliable methods. Mix 2 parts mayonnaise to 1 part vinegar. Swab the blend on the stain using a paper towel. Let it sit, covered by a paper towel, for at least a couple of hours or preferable overnight. Clean the mixture with a clean cloth and finish by polishing your furniture piece with vinegar.
  2. Vinegar and olive oil – make a mix using equal parts vinegar and olive oil in a dish. Making use of a cotton fabric, wipe the mixture in the direction of the wood grain until the discolour has disappeared.
  3. Mineral oil – use a soft fabric to apply mineral oil to the water discolour. Do so in the direction of the wood grain. Allow a light finish of the oil to sit on the furniture overnight. Buff it out the following day with a clean cloth.

Removing water rings with a mild abrasive

Mild abrasive is a good way to remove moisture from a water stain that is a couple of days old but still is white and over cast. Make a paste using white, non-gel toothpaste and baking soda. Apply the paste in a round motion until the tarnish is gone. Be gentle when rubbing it in because you can scratch your furniture’s coating if you use too much pressure.

Call the cleaning professionals

Water stains can decrease the charm of wood furniture. By using our various approaches, you should have the ability to eliminate all white, overcast water stains. If you are hesitant to use one of these techniques or the water stain is very dark, then leave it to the professionals. Contact Carpet Cleaning Milton today to help you get rid of these hard discolourations and get your furniture looking great once again.

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